Home Survival Skills: Flip Your Ceiling Fan Rotation

Fall has finally arrived, and here in Knoxville we’ve already had some pretty cool, crisp nights. It’s only a matter of time until the cool weather really sets in and it’s time to curl up in front of the fireplace.

If your home feels fine during the day but you find yourself reaching for an extra blanket at night, it may be time to reverse the direction of your ceiling fan blades. During colder months, making the blades rotate clockwise will push down warm air and distribute it throughout the room. Just make sure you’re running the fan on a low speed, otherwise the fan will create a “wind-chill effect” and make your room too cold.

To flip your blades’ rotation, just turn the fan off, grab a ladder and toggle the directional switch. Don’t forget to test and make sure it’s turning in the right direction for the season. Doing this can reduce your energy costs by nearly 10 percent in the winter and a whopping 40 percent during the summer – not bad for a task that only takes a few minutes to do!

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