Chic and Functional Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Don’t let small shared quarters cramp your style. Turn your college dorm room into a stylish and efficient space ideal for studying and relaxing with these fresh decorating ideas.

Avoid Clashing by Coordinating With Your Roommate

Your favorite color is pink but your roommate hates it. There are ways to compromise on a color scheme without getting stuck with a palette you don’t like. Talk with your roommate before moving in and decide if you want to coordinate. That doesn’t mean you have to match exactly, but you can decide on a color palette to avoid clashing. In this dorm room, a violet and peacock-blue palette is open-ended enough so each girl can express her personality while still keeping the room pretty and balanced. Photo courtesy of PBdorm

Go Bold With Color

Color is the easiest way to bring life to a room. RMS user designstar1216 bent traditional dorm rules by painting an accent wall a luscious shade of lime green, but suggests a wall tapestry if you absolutely cannot paint: “It’s easy to install, change out and take down at the end of the year with minimal effort. At the same time, it makes a huge impact.” To add even more vibrancy and personality, she brought in her own furniture pieces (in lime green!) to replace the standard wooden furnishings that came with the room.


Warm Up Cold Floors With a Custom Rug

Don’t let the word “custom” scare you. When we say “custom” we mean DIY and an easy one at that. Small spaces often present a problem when it comes to finding a ready-made area rug in the right size, with many being out of proportion or presenting small-scale dimensions. To fix this issue and create a custom look from off-the-shelf rugs, designer Brian Patrick Flynn combines several rugs together to form one giant area rug that fits the space perfectly. This is more cost-efficient than ordering a custom-made designer rug, and you won’t feel as guilty when it becomes worn from constant foot traffic.


Add Personality With Artwork

Integrate personality into your space with stylish and trendy prints that add vibrancy and inspire creativity. You can get a variety of gorgeous, colorful and one-of-a-kind artwork on Etsy for an affordable price, like this contemporary neon-pink ampersand print. Collect several pieces and photographs to create a well-arranged gallery wall. Design by Morgan Georgie


Start an Inspiration Board

Hang a decorative memo board and use it to post things that inspire you and make you happy, whether it’s a magazine cutout, a recipe, a quote or a picture of friends. This inspiration board will keep you striving forward each day in a positive way. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Transform a Bland Dorm Door With Decals

There’s nothing attractive about the exterior of a dorm room door, but you can easily make it welcoming and design-worthy with removable decals. We especially love the decals that can be personalized with photos and messages. It’s the perfect place to leave those last-minute reminders to yourself and notes to friends when you’re away. Photo courtesy of PBdorm

Need Your Space? Add a Divider

Everyone needs their space, especially when sharing a small room with someone. To set boundaries and create a bit of privacy, cubed bookcases offer just the right amount of enclosure without making an already small space feel even smaller. If space allows, this type of bookcase can stylishly divide a room while still adding a clear decorative element. (It’s not an obvious room divider.) If you can’t pull in another piece of furniture, floor-to-ceiling curtains will make you feel like you’re in a room of your own. Using an easy-to-install curtain track, simply slide the curtains into place when you need a few minutes of alone time. An advantage — your room won’t suffer from a loss of square footage. Photo courtesy of IKEA


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