Find out why you should list your home in the winter.

Fewer showings – Yes, there are fewer buyers, but the buyers that are out looking are serious about making a purchase.

Less competition – Most sellers wait unit spring and summer months to list their homes. This means you will have far less competition than any other time of the year.

January/February – More corporate moves happen during January and February, thus the need for relocations.

Today’s market – The interest rates are still at forty year lows. This gives buyers more spending power.   On top of that, inventory continues to dwindle which has caused the demand for homes like yours to rise.

Warm & fuzzy – Houses feel more like “homes” when you come in from the cold weather & holiday decor alone has sold homes!

Don’t make the mistake of “waiting until after the Holidays” and missing out on the perfect buyer for your property!  Don’t spend the next 3-5 months paying a mortgage payment just to get lost in the shuffle in the Spring and lose more money in the long run!  

Contact me today to find out how much your home may be worth in today’s “low supply, high demand” market! 

Jenna Wondrow, Realtor | Edina Realty Rochester | Lic Mn | Find me on Facebook!

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