Three Popular Rooms to Remodel

The smartest homeowners will update their property to match their personality, while also taking into account how remodeling could affect the home’s resale value. Below, Inman News offers advice on which remodeling projects are both smart and trendy.

3 Popular Rooms to RemodelLet’s start with the kitchen, a popular room for updating. As most of us know, the kitchen is now about more than cooking – it’s a high traffic room where people gather to eat, talk and even work. To increase kitchen functionality, consider transforming a basic island into an additional countertop for eating or working. Keep in mind that laminated countertops are prone to water damage; a new trend is tile countertops, which are sleek and durable.

Next, your garage is another space that can be fun to optimize. Some homeowners are opting to turn the garage into a recreational area or “man cave” by updating the flooring, painting the walls and adding heating systems to this area. If you’d like to update a traditional garage, consider adding built-in cabinets or storage units so your items are protected from changes in temperature, as well as any critters that may come in when the weather gets cold.

Last, the laundry room is a popular place to update. Consider adding a tabletop or desk setup to your laundry room to transform it into a small office or crafting space. Or, turn it into a complete laundry center by adding a built-in ironing board and folding table.

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