Can you sell your property without putting it on the market?

Did you know… that you could sell your property before it’s even on the market?

Did you know… that Edina Realty has 2,100 Realtors all over the country?

Did you know… that all of those Realtors utilize a program called Network One to match up motivated buyers with properties that aren’t yet on the market?

This means… that I can network your property, (that may not be showing ready yet) to 2,100 other Realtors who are representing motivated buyers and possibly sell your property without going on the market!

Text/Call/Email me to get started!  There is absolutely ZERO obligation or commitment! 

Still not convinced?  Check out the most recent success story from an Edina Agent:

 “I posted the prelist on Network One and received a call from an agent in the Edina 50th sales office 10 minutes later requesting more information and a showing that afternoon. “The following day the buyers wrote an offer and we were able to come to an agreement before it ever went live. Our clients think we’re rock stars because Edina networking sells homes!”

507-993-7036 | | Lic Mn

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