The Coolest Kid-Friendly Homes You’ve Ever Seen


Got a budding Rembrandt in the family? Inspire her artistic urges with color-in wallpaper. Who wouldn’t want to grab a marker, crayon, or paintbrush and start filling in these irresistible squiggles? A 20-inch-wide, 32-ft.-long roll is $55, and patterns include Happy Bath Time, Doggie Doodles, and New York.



Let it Snow!

Hey kids, are you cooped up for the winter? Lucky you! With an indoor playroom featuring lots of climbing toys and other energy-absorbing amusements, you won’t mind being housebound (and your dear parents won’t lose their sanity thinking of things for you to do). As shown, this beautifully designed playset is $11,430.



Bringing Fun to New Heights

Rainy days and your rambunctious kids got you climbing the walls? Return the favor with a sturdy indoor climbing wall. A package of 40 screw-on climbing wall holds is about $40. Attach them to well-secured ¾-inch-thick plywood. For safety, position a beanbag chair or thick rubber mat under the wall.


Sailing Away

This handcrafted pirate ship has 17 windows and peepholes, sail rigging, splinter-resistant composite decking, and cushioned benches that double as bunks for backyard sleepovers. It doesn’t take up that much room — it’s 18 ft. long and 11 ft. wide — but it does take a serious cash outlay: You’ll pay $52,000 to let your little ones re-enact Peter Pan.


Jumpin’ for Joy

Trampolines are great energy-busters for kids, plus they teach coordination. An in-ground model ($1,525 for a 12-footer) with perimeter padding is safest and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Surround your trampoline with sod or soft mulch 3-4 inches deep. Home owners should verify that their insurance policies cover trampoline-related claims.


Hop to It

It may be low-tech, but hopscotch has been entertaining kids for centuries. Let colorful hopscotch stepping stones turn your garden into a kid-friendly play space. Make your own by painting ordinary patio pavers ($2-$4 each) with exterior acrylic paints topped with a clear sealer.




Call me today to find out how you can make your home more kid-friendly!

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