Kid Friendly Bathrooms That Won’t Cramp Your Style

A Step Up


This homemade step stool raises youngsters an all-important 4 inches so they can easily — and safely — reach faucets, soap, and toothbrushes. It’s made of pine boards and plywood and rolls on hidden casters. Small fingers can readily grasp the big flush-mount pull ring to retrieve the step or tuck it back underneath the vanity.
Credit: My DNH

No-Slip Flooring


Little feet are usually busy running, jumping, and hopping — even in the bathroom. Small ceramic tiles with lots of grout lines provide traction that helps prevent accidents. For an extra measure of protection, look for bathroom tiles that have a coefficient of friction (COF) greater than .60 — you’ll find the COF on the technical product information accompanying the tile packaging. Anti-slip tile may be harder to clean, but worth the effort!
Credit: West Chin Architect

Side-by-Side Splashes


A big (48-inch) wall-mounted trough sink has enough elbow room for multiple kids to brush their teeth at the same time — eliminating bathroom bottlenecks. You can paint the bottom of this cast-iron beauty with an accent color or to match your room. This one is drilled for two faucets, but a third is possible. Cost: $1,700 (a 3-footer is $1,200).
Credit: Stacey Gutterman

Hooked on Organization


With four kids jockeying for bathroom supplies, blogger Mandy of Sugar Bee Crafts called for order in the house. She formed rings from metal pipe strap to hang jelly jars on a trim board, then added coat hooks. Each towel has a hanging loop (very important!) so small hands can easily hang their towels. The big investment: $4 each for individual tubes of toothpaste.
Credit: Sugar Bee Crafts

Twice as Nice


Side-by-side shower stalls (and three sinks) keep this big family on the move (and very clean). Multiple showers are a great convenience, but make sure you have enough hot water to go around. A 50-gallon water heater is the minimum here; add an in-line tankless water heater for instant hot water.
Credit: Cottage Home

Scaled to Fit


Instead of raising up your toddler on step stools, bring the bathroom essentials down to them. Lowering the mirror, towel ring, and a basket for toothbrush essentials gets them to look oral hygiene right in the eye. You’ll have to raise everything as your kiddo gets taller, and patch a few holes as you do, but they’ll be gaining confidence — and maybe picking up some DIY skills to help you with those minor repairs!
Credit: How We Montessori

Can’t-Resist Bath Time


What kid wouldn’t want to climb into a fire truck — even if a bath comes in the bargain? This innovative kit ($2,199) retrofits a standard, 60-inch bathtub into a dream machine. It features acrylic panels and a shallow basin that makes it easy for parents to bathe toddlers while standing up. Putting it together is a simple DIY job, and when your kids grow up, it’s easy to disassemble.
Want to see more cool ideas for kids? Check out our slideshow featuring the kid-friendliest homes ever.
Credit: American Standard

A fire truck bathtub may be a bit over the top, but I’m not going to discourage making your home perfect for you & your family, ever.  Please comment below and let me know what you think about these kid friendly abodes!



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