Lesson On: Windows

Hello Readers,

I’ve got some great information for you today.  Have you ever walked through an open house or model home and wondered what type of windows you’re looking at?  Here’s a basic list of different types of windows to help you when you’re looking!

Casement Window:

This type of window hinges on one edge and swings open much like a door.  This type of window allows less air leakage than other types because the window can swing back into the weather stripping and seal tightly.


Double-Hung Window: 

This type of window has two operating (moving) sashes and has become very popular in new construction.


Single-Hung Window:

Much like the double-hung window, the single-hung windows slide in place; however, in this case there is only one operating (moving) sash.

single hung

Fixed Sash (a.k.a. Picture) Window:

This type of window is non-operating and is used solely for bringing light into a space.


Pivot Window: 

This window has one sash that pivots instead of swings and can be a great option in a small bathroom or space where you don’t want the window to open up too much.


Awning Window: 

Much like a casement window on it’s side, this type of window hinges on one edge and provides great anti-air-leakage benefits.  This type of window is sometimes used above or below large single-hung or casement windows to provide a more sophisticated appearance.


Circle Top Window:

This type of window is fairly self-esplainitory.  It appears to be a normal casement window with a “half-moon” fixed sash window on top.  This is often used in a room with a bay window to add character.

half moon

I hope this helps you understand your window options!  If you are interested in building your next home, please contact me to provide my professional advice!

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Jenna Martindale, Realtor | Edina Realty | Lic Mn



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