On Fridays, I walk dogs.

I joke that we haven’t saved our “Lab-Goldy” Bella from more than a really terrible name, (Dusty Rose) but the day we took her home over 3 years ago… something changed.  It’s like when people say, “Well you don’t have kids so you wouldn’t understand”.  Well it’s just like that.



When it snows or rains I think about strays who have no shelter; and then I think about the shelter dogs who have shelter but no feeling of security, and that leads to a marathon of YouTube videos that just make me feel worse.

(For a feel-good marathon subscribe to Eldad Hager’s Hope For Paws YouTube channel.  He’s amazing).

I began researching how I could best help these sweet souls in my own special way.  I’m still working through that but for starters each Fall I organize a donation drive and every Thanksgiving I make a trip to the Paws & Claws Humane Society in Rochester, Minnesota to drop off the donations.  I experience a high level of joy and sadness at the same time on this day.


First year’s donations. We more than doubled our donations the 2nd year.

This past summer I decided I wanted to volunteer.  My first day as a volunteer was traumatic.  In a good way.  I walked Teresa, a pit bull mix with a faint limp and a lot of love in her heart.  At the end of our walk I was so elated, and then.  A Mother and Son stopped me and asked if it was Teresa.  I said it was and they said, “Oh great, we’re taking her home today!”  I experienced those two feelings all at once again.  Joy and sadness.  I made sure to take a few extra moments with “T” for myself before bringing her inside.  I cried on my way home.



That’s the last time I’ve cried for these dogs.  It sounds like a bad thing.  Like I’m jaded.  I’m not.  I just don’t think how I feel or how many tears are shed matters as much as what I can actively do to place them in forever homes and make their lives the best they can be until they are adopted.

So on Fridays, I walk dogs.

  • To donate go here: http://www.pawsandclaws.org/wpweb/how-to-help/donations/
  • To adopt go here: http://www.pawsandclaws.org/wpweb/pets/adoptable-pets/
  • To volunteer go here: https://sites.google.com/a/pawsandclaws.org/pchs-volunteers/
  • To follow their journey on Facebook go here: https://www.facebook.com/PCHSRochester

Jenna Martindale | Lic Mn | Edina Realty | jenna@jennamartindale.com | http://www.jennamartindale.com | 507.993.7036


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