The DO NOT Move List.

If you’re moving in the near future and using a moving company or renting a moving truck please take time to review their policies on what you’re allowed to include in your inventory.  Here are a few things that you should NOT load up on those moving trucks, regardless of if you’re hiring professional movers or shlepping those boxes into that U-Haul yourself.

1.  Irreplaceable Items. 


Things happen.  Things get misplaced and disappear into the moving day abyss.  When I was 10 and we moved (a mere 2 miles) down the road, my beloved plastic Caboodle chalk full of bracelet making supplies was the first victim of the move.  It’s gone forever.  And I’m still sad.  Make sure the items you cannot live without (i.e., family heirlooms) stay with you in the car you’re traveling in to the new house.

2. Flammable Items.  


This is a bit of an issue with professional movers and most will NOT move these types of items for you.  Obvious items include gasoline, lighter fluid, and bleach; but some even include aerosol products like hairspray, (take your Kenra with you girls) and shaving cream on their “DO NOT MOVE LIST”. Paint and cleaning products should also be packed in a separate box that you can take in the car with you.

3. It breathes, crawls, or talks.  


I don’t suggest packing your little brother, your animals or your plants into the U-Haul.  All of them are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and it’s illegal to pack your brother, (and pets).

4. It’s perishable. 


If you’re traveling a great distance to your new home this is an obvious “Do Not Pack” item; but even if you’re moving down the street some moving companies don’t allow perishable items to be included.  Eat up what you can prior to the move.  Have a few fun ‘take out’ or ‘order in’ nights before the move; it will help everyone relax and the dishes are packed anyway.

5.  It’s illegal. 


I’m not saying you would, I’m just saying.  Just don’t.  Or you’ll meet this handsome guy for all the wrong reasons.

There you have it, folks.  I hope this was helpful!  Happy Hump Day.

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